Oven risotto after Donna Hay with chard and goat cream cheese

I currently have the latest Donna Hay cookbook "simple dinners *" with me to review it for the Hüttenhilfe cookbooks and therefore cook a few things accordingly.
It's my now sixth book by Donna Hay (released in this millennium) and I think I'm well-endorsed with her recipes.
Also, thanks to the women's channel glitz , I've recorded the entire season of "Fast, Fresh, Simple" and know their recipes quite well.
I like the easy and simple style, the beautiful photos, the modern interpretation of classic dishes and many of the really simple ideas. In addition, the woman is very sympathetic to me.
One finds in Donna Hay's recipes again and again on a risotto from the oven. That made me curious.

I really like to cook risotto and I have always managed it quite well in the classic way with broth and wine in the pot. However, it does indeed take time and you are always busy.
But that's why I was curious about whether or not you could really get the same result with a risotto from the oven.
So far, I have had two different oven risottos made, with different numbers of people and different ingredients and both times it has become really so outstanding that I probably will not prepare it again in the pot.
Admittedly, the whole thing is not very traditional and may not even grumble risotto, I fry Do not touch the rice, do not remove it with wine and do not pour it on with simmering broth. However, the result tastes so amazingly similar, that in this case I like to go back to the modern and faster version, which is also wonderful on a normal working day in the evening hinbekommt. The preparation is really easy - just give the risotto rice put the hot broth into a casserole dish, cover with aluminum foil and place in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 200 ° C. Then add the butter and cheese and stir until the mixture is over gets creamy. Before or after that, you can refine everything as you like and you're done with a really unpretentious and uncomplicated, but extremely delicious dinner.
Since I found fresh, wonderful Swiss chard on the market on Friday, it was clear that it was going into my risotto , To spice it up, I added goat cream cheese to it and had a really delicious and fast food.
Of course there are no limits to the imagination - whoever wants to add small chopped onions and/or garlic or roast them with the rice beforehand in oil. This is not absolutely necessary in terms of taste, but the dish is convincing even without its preparation because of its simplicity.
Try a roasted oven risotto - it was delicious with peas and gorgonzola too, and with asparagus I like it again next spring , even with lemon peel or dried tomatoes, it is certainly very wonderful.
Especially I would recommend this method of preparation very people who may not dare to a classic risotto or have never got it right.
I'm absolutely thrilled and definitely include oven risottos in my standard weekday dinners.
Here's my tip for a really delicious and simple recipe with fresh Swiss chard and spicy goat cream cheese.

Oven risotto with chard and goat cream cheese

for 2 servings

200g risotto rice (I prefer Arborio)
700 ml boiling vegetable broth (made from homemade G emüsebrühenpulver or good organic broth cubes)
1/2 bunch of Swiss chard (approx.The stems in about 1 cm pieces, cut the leaves in about 3-4 cm pieces. Wash the leaves and stems thoroughly in a salad spinner and spin dry.
After baking for 20 minutes, remove the casserole from the oven, carefully open the aluminum foil (it is very steaming) and sauté the chard briefly under the rice> Cover the dish again and place it in the oven for another 10 minutes.
After cooking, remove from the oven, carefully remove the aluminum foil and immediately stir in the freshly grated cheese and butter. This works best with a wooden spoon directly in the casserole dish. It takes about 1-2 minutes for the cheese and butter to melt and give it a very creamy consistency.
Spread the risotto directly on two plates and place small pieces of goat cheese covered with a teaspoon. Sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and serve immediately.

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