Me and the silicone molds or mini-lemon gugl

With start - up hopping - I quickly jump on the passing train before it is already gone again. The trend is called Minigugl or cake pralines and is (s) t currently on everyone's lips. Hardly a blog that has not yet published any Minigugl recipes.
And I just can not refrain from these delightful little baked goods - little Guglhupfe are just cute. Just like dog babies and those you can not refuse after all.

I get - as probably every other blogger too - relatively frequently and regularly inquiries from companies to product tests, advertising placements, etc. There are often the most absurd things doing that, with my blog as well as zero comma have nothing in common and so most of these requests are successfully ignored by me or rejected. Apart from that, I am slowly getting bored with various half-hearted tests and ideas about products that can not be identified with - as long as they are free. That's not me and that's not my style and you should have noticed that by now.
But sometimes there's something that interests me and that's what happened with this insanely nice request from Silikomart.
The company sells - As the name suggests - silicone products in the form of chocolates and baking molds of any kind.
Silicone molds and I, but we are so far not very hilarious and that's exactly what I wrote to Silikomart. Somehow I just do not trust these wobbly, brightly colored plastic forms. I would always be afraid that everything would collapse or that I have plastic parts in my baked goods. That's why I have exactly one form and that was a gift ...
The lady at the other end of the email was still very nice and very hard-working and invited me to a non-binding test. I would like to be honest and it would not be about "telling you how great our products are, but about your concrete experience with the molds".
After seeing Paule, that she owns various types of silicomart and This recommends, I was quite interested in the silicone molds but still give it a chance. And I had nothing to lose. After Alice also talked about her initial dislike of silicone and did a product test, I finally agreed.

The nice co-worker sent me a booklet with various products intended for the test and there by chance a Minigugl form emerged, of course, I took these and received shortly after a package from Italy. And so here comes from me here a very delicious lemon cake recipe with honest product test.
The birthday of a dear friend was and that was the perfect opportunity for me to test the shape to make her a little souvenir.

Mini Lemon Gugl

for approx. 18 pieces (1 form)

50 g soft butter
75 g finest sugar
2 eggs size M
90 g flour
1/4 tbsp soda
50 g sour cream
grated peel of 1/2 organic lemon
as desired powdered sugar

Preheat the oven to 175 ° C.
The Minigugl shape grease and dust with flour, then beat well.
Mix the butter with the sugar for a few minutes until creamy.
Stir in the two eggs one at a time and stir into a creamy mixture.
Mix the flour and soda alternately Stir in with the sour cream until a smooth dough is formed. The dough must not be too thick, if necessaryAllow to cool completely, then pack as desired or dusted with powdered sugar and serve immediately.
For the packaging, I simply used a white cardboard box, taped it with the help of a trailer and with masking tape and finally labeled with a label device and glued .

Let's take a look at the form I use in the recipe.
Delivered in clear plastic packaging, model " SF 132 Mini Fantasy " , Available here *
The first thing that strikes me is that the shape consists of two parts. The silicone mold itself and the "baking frame" that is supposed to hold the shape in shape (haha). I think that's smart and have never seen it anywhere else. No wonder, obviously the whole thing is also patented.

 silicone mold for small Minigugl by Silikomart in the test

The assembly is not a problem, the whole feels thanks to the frame right stable on.
Before the first application, you should thoroughly clean the mold - no question, done. For better anti-adhesive effect you should grease the form once and flour - also that is understandable and works easily.
The trick with the freezer bag or piping bag is really good - an ice cream scoop for filling is definitely too big, with a teaspoon, there are probably just mess. Disadvantage is however: one produces garbage. Or use a reusable piping bag.
So it works without any problems and without much mess.

 The dough for the mini-lemon gugl in the silicone mold

Like but you can see the shape is not quite plan in the frame and I wonder if that can hold.
The oven finally confirms the suspicion - in the heat, the shape pops up and slips off one of the four corners, it arches They go upstairs. This is not quite optimal, as a result, some of the Gugl get into trouble.
The result is, however, all the better, all Gugl have risen relatively evenly and tanned a nice golden yellow.
The nice lady of Silikomart explains that you prefer the silicone molds At 10 ° C less temperature and 10-15 minutes longer than usual baking dishes should be left in the oven, because the silicone heats up more slowly, but then the temperature keeps better.
For the tiny dough portions enough 15-18 minutes at 175 ° C but wonderful for a juicy and even result.

Me and the silicone molds or mini-lemon gugl

Silicone then cools down again relatively quickly, as you can see but the arched shape remains still exist.
For it can be solve the Minigugl from the mold. It does not stick to anything and it does not stick to it. Overall, I am amazed at how well the silicone mold and I got along. For having not trusted her before, she convinced me of her baking properties.
There's nothing like smelling anything but freshly baked cake and I do not feel like it's a cheap material, even though it's very thin is. But the material looks very smooth and even and in no way brittle.
The baking frame could not convince me. Unfortunately he does not stop and the shape keeps jumping.So I try to capture the frame as much as possible - as long as the shape is clamped in, everything has top stability.

All in all, my first attempt was very well done and I was able to easily put the shape into it afterwards cleaning the dishwasher.
According to the manufacturer, you do not have to grease the mold the second time. I wonder how that works, because it does not look burnt in and even if, when driving in the dishwasher determined everything went off.
Nevertheless, I fill the dough in the unprepared form and bake chocolate minigugl> After cooling, but exactly what I expected - about 1/3 of the Minigugl remains half in the form of sticking and can not dissolve out clean.
Another test with the same dough is so, this Times fat and I mark the form but before. And tada - this time everything goes smoothly in the truest sense of the word. Again, the baking result can convince me again - even browning, nice juicy and loose minigugl.
All in all, I can say that convinced me the baking result. The shape has a great size for nice little souvenirs and I can not complain about the basic handling.
Only the baking frame is in need of improvement and I hope that the manufacturer can come up with something there.
I also do not trust on the alleged non-stick property, but will continue to grease and flour the mold before use.

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