Luck in the pot: Juicy malt beer goulash with bread dumplings

Today we had the first real rainy day since we moved. Uncomfortable, windy and above all wet. Good that I could sit snuggled with a book on my little balcony sofa and it had nice and warm. Of course, it offers good food and as the pot season starts, it's time for some slow and soulful food.
I've had some time ago reported to my favorite summer cookbook. From the same author, there is now the winter kitchen: full of warmth, strength and sensuality *. No question, that moved in with me some time ago and I worked hard.
First of all I cooked the " malt beer goulash with cumin (and bohemian bread dumplings) " .
The subtitle of the book is not in vain, "Full of warmth, power and ingenuity". Even when leafing through you would like to cuddle up with a hot cocoa by the fireplace in a blanket. I could almost smell cinnamon, cloves and juicy roast!
There are a few more recipes from this book on my follow-up cook list, because there are dishes with old vegetables and sauerkraut and cabbage, for example happy.
But first of all the recipe for Malzbiergulasch, which of course I have changed something again.
Malt beer goulash with bread dumplings
for 3-4 servings
For goulash
2 onions
2 small carrots
1 small stick of leek
2 thin sticks of celery
approx. 900 g of pork top or neck, cut into 2-3 cm pieces directly from the butcher.
1 Tl whole caraway, lightly crushed
1 tablespoon tomato
0.5 l of malt beer
1 tb Piementon de la Vera (or rosy paprika powder)
1 tb dried marjoram
1 organic cattle bouillon cubes
hire.Add the bread cubes and fold well.
Let the mixture soak for at least 30 minutes.
Put some cornstarch on a board. Lightly dust the hands and form 8 dumplings from the mixture, then lightly toss in the cornflour.
Bring water to a boil in a very large pot and salt well. The temperature runterstellen, slide into the water the dumplings and leave for about 20-25 minutes at a slightly open pot lid.
Drain something in a punch.
The dumplings in a deep plate give and cover with the goulash.
to serve each a dab of sour cream to the stew, garnish with parsley and even sprinkle some cumin about it.
a truly delicious dish. It is a bit more time-consuming and time-consuming, but definitely worth it!
Especially the bread dumpling preparation with this type of dough was new to me. I have never roasted the rolls before and instead doused with warm milk. In the original recipe, a kind of napkin dumplings are formed, which were then cut open. But I'm more of a fan of classic dumplings.
Delicious, will definitely be back!

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