Juicy wholemeal bread for the Whitsun breakfast

In the blogger world, today's " World Baking Day is on everyone's lips and in all ovens ...
What initially sounded like a nice idea from a few backyard enthusiasts, got a bland aftertaste, if you know something further. The whole thing was started by the Unilever group and takes place with the support of margarine manufacturers.
And I'm out ...
I only use butter and nothing but butter and margarine does not come into my house. Because of that - and because I also do not necessarily want to support this baking event, which is clearly a commercial star - there is no contribution from me.
Instead, I counter-attack - no, I do not deliberately bake with lots of butter (like otherwise ...), I bake a hearty, juicy, wholegrain whole grain bread!

Recipe for home-baked juicy wholegrain bread

For about 1.5 years I know the recipe for the Rheinische Schwarzbrot by Christina von feines gemüse. Variations on this recipe have been haunting the net for ages. They all have in common that the bread seems to contain a disproportionate amount of yeast and is baked at low temperature for a very long time.

I liked Christina's blend best, so I baked her bread over and over again in just slight variations.
And because your entry is already a bit older, I have to offer this tasty bread just once more a platform and bring it back to a blog post.

 Recipe for home-baked juicy wholegrain bread

I have that Bread yesterday afternoon/evening baked and enjoyed this morning for breakfast. And it still tastes wonderful!
You can only be deterred by the large amount of yeast (you do not taste it!) And the long baking time. The dough is stirred together at lightning speed and then disappears for a few hours in the oven. Then let the bread cool well and then enjoy it the next day!
It is in my version a pure wholegrain bread from shot and wholemeal flour. I buy organic wheat and rye as a full grain and shred it myself in Thermomix to a kind of meal rightly. Otherwise, you get shot but also fresh in the health food freshly ground, if you have no flour mill. The compilation of the other cores is purely a matter of taste - I really like the combination of sunflower seeds, flaxseed and sesame but most of all. If you like, you can simply replace it with chopped or whole hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, etc., as long as the proportions still fit together, you can let off steam to your own taste.
The basic recipe results in a large wholegrain bread, which is quite wonderful can bake in a bread baking pan. I use this Zenker adjustable breadmaker *.
Or you just cut it in half and then make a smaller loaf of bread in a regular 30cm box that you use for cakes.

 Recipe for home-baked juicy wholegrain bread

I do not know how this affects consistency and structure when using rye flour instead of wheat flour. Also, I have never baked the bread with dry yeast or replaced the buttermilk with something else. These ingredients are perfectly matched and ensure a great texture and a good taste.Right now with a mild nettle cheese or a ripe camembert.

Recipe for home-baked juicy wholemeal bread

Juicy wholegrain bread in Rhenish style

for a large bread baking pan or two normal box forms

500 g whole wheat flour
275 g wheat meal
275 g rye meal
150 g flax seed
150 g sesame seeds
100 g sunflower seeds
1 heaped tablespoon salt
1 l buttermilk
3 cubes of fresh yeast (42 g each)
50 g sugar beet syrup

Flour, grits, seeds and seeds with the salt in a very large mixing bowl or the kitchen machine Briefly mix.
Gently warm the buttermilk in a large enough container in the microwave or in a pot on the stove. Do not over heat, lukewarm is absolutely sufficient.
Then the yeast dice in the warm buttermilk and stir with a wooden spoon until the yeast has dissolved. Then add the beet syrup to the buttermilk and yeast mixture. Pour this liquid into the mixing bowl in one go at the dry mixture and mix everything with the normal stirrer of the food processor or the dough hook of the hand mixer to a smooth dough. Basically, a simple spoon is sufficient, the dough remains relatively fluid. It should only be really thoroughly mixed with each other.
Lay out the bread baking pan with a sheet of baking paper and pour in the dough mix.
Cut off the protruding baking paper edges - the bread does not continue.
Now put a layer of baking paper over the top Lay the box mold and put a layer of aluminum foil on it, fold it over and press it well on the edges.
The aluminum foil prevents the bread from browning too much, the baking paper underneath so that the dough adheres to the aluminum foil, which unfortunately happens to me on the first try is.
Now push the mold onto the baking rack in the lower third of the oven and switch it on now to 150 ° C upper and lower heat. The oven should not be preheated - the bread starts cold.
The whole thing now stays in the oven for 3 hours (= 180 minutes!). If only half of the recipe is baked, 2.5 hours should suffice.
Then remove the dish from the oven and let it cool for about 15 minutes on a wire rack, before removing the foil and baking paper, and throw the bread out of the mold and on the grid is allowed to cool completely.
In the beginning, the bread looks a little damp, but as soon as you dissolve it from the baking paper and cool well, it is also dry.
It is best left over before the first cut Night wrapped in a kitchen towel.
Another Whitsun weekend!

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