Homemade yoghurt with vanilla syrup

I love yogurt. Especially pure. Or with fresh fruit in it. Or some agave syrup or maple syrup. Or sometimes with cinnamon sugar. I prefer creamy yoghurt than jam-proof. And I always buy organic yogurt. It must be the normal fat level with 3.5% or 3.8%. 0.1% or 1.5% does not work. My grandmother used to have a yoghurt machine with lots of small glasses in the past. So a '80s part of yellow plastic. That's why there was always fresh homemade yogurt.
Somehow I forgot that over the years, until I stumbled over their hazelnut yogurt at Zorra and had to think of home-made yogurt again .
In the comments there was then the tip that it is now yogurt maker without annoying glass (fits hardly anything, you have to topple anyway, large flushing, etc.) and instead with a large container with about a liter of capacity
So I just rummaged through Amazon and discovered a very cheap model, which I had to have immediately.
Yesterday, the machine then arrived and allowed me the first yogurt overnight
And it's really easy! You just need 10 ml of plain yogurt (2 Tl) without additives and 900 ml of boiled fresh milk or H-milk.
I use myself as the basis for a mild Andechser organic natural yoghurt and a durable Alnatura organic -Full milk with 3.5% fat.
Mix the two components in the yoghurt container just briefly, put the lid on and put it in the machine. Cover it up, plug it in and wait.
I made it work over night and had a wonderfully creamy yogurt this morning - juchu!
8-10 hours are recommended as preparation time. The colder the milk, the longer it takes.
Since the whole thing is logically warm, you have to put it in the fridge and let it cool down.
Of course, I'm already warm Having a snack, this afternoon I ate the first fridge-cold portion and am thrilled! So delicious creamy, mild and slightly sour. Just great!
A few days ago I made a vanilla syrup to make my own vanilla yogurt without any artificial additives:
Vanilla Syrup > Add 250 ml of water
300 g of sugar
2 vanilla pods
Put water and sugar in a saucepan.
Divide the two vanilla pods in half, scrape them and put the pith and the pods in the pot.
Bring to a boil while stirring and boil for about 10 minutes until the mixture becomes slightly syrupy.
If it cooks too short, the whole thing stays too watery. If you boil it, the mass becomes too firm or the sugar crystallizes again.
Remove the pods and still hot fill the syrup in a vial. Who likes the vanilla in it. Otherwise you can filter the syrup well with a coffee filter.
With the vanilla syrup you can refine not only yoghurt, but also fruit or coffee.
fresh natural yoghurt and vanilla syrup - both homemade
In the near future I will experiment with different dairy brands and look at how the whole thing is presented in a tasteful way.
Yoghurt can also be used without a yoghurt base and instead with a corresponding powder. I'll try that for sure.
And then of course it goes to the other additional flavors that you can mix under the yogurt.
Zorras hazelnut paste speaks to me very much.Let's see what else you can do.
Does anyone have a hint?