From the experimental kitchen: Butter Pecan Ice Cream

My mother was visiting on the weekend and thankfully the summer was back in our fields, so we could not only bring my terrace up to scratch, but also irrepressible desire for beautiful creamy ice cream Even though Maple Walnut, Gianduja and White Chocolate were great, it was clear they had something new to eat.
In Ben & Jerry's Original Ice Cream & Desserts. The do-it-your-self cult art * we stumbled across the "Butter Pecan" recipe and knew it had to be.

The base is almost exactly like the Oreo ice cream a vanilla ice cream, in this case only without vanilla:
2 organic eggs
200 g of sugar
400 ml of cream
200 ml of milk
Beat the eggs until thick-frothy, add the sugar and stir well until dissolved. Then mix well with milk and cream.
The pecan seeds are roasted with butter and salt in the pan:
125 g of butter
100-150 g pecan nut halves
1/2 tsp salt
Butter in a nonstick skillet Add the pecans and salt and stir over medium heat until the nuts are crispy.

Since the butter in the next step is simply mixed under the ice base, it was kind of us not enough.