Every day a book! Review: The cookbook by Andreas Neubauer - and recipe for lentil foam soup with chives

A book every day!
Although this is a nice intent, for me but in addition to a 40-hour work week, a volunteer project and a man simply unworkable.
Nevertheless, would like I especially recommend a book to you this week.
One of my absolute favorite cookbooks that somehow still lives a shadowy existence. Hardly anyone knows or dares to take a second look inside.
Unfortunately, the book is often overlooked because it has a very simple title and a very nondescript cover.
I'm talking about "The cookbook" * by Andreas Neubauer - published by GU.
 Cover image of Das Kochbuch by Andreas Neubauer, published by GU

Cover image by friendly permission by GU

It may be that the price of € 29.99 is a deterrent at first, but in my opinion the book is worth every penny. To anticipate that.

Not for nothing does the cover advertise "400 recipes for every day".
I admit - from the outside look At first one thinks of a simple school cookbook or a simple collection of standard recipes, as we know it from before. But the appearance is deceptive: wonderfully creative new ideas meet classics, simple serving meets beautiful food photography.
You will not find any here simple basic recipes as in any standard cookbook but great ideas with a special twist and that extra something.
I say: THE cookbook for the ambitious or at least interested amateur cook who has enough of the pabulum.
Shipyard boredom overboard and risking a second glance!
The high quality cover and the solid paper have convinced me of the value of this cookbook. If you take a look at the modern and simple layout and the fantastic photos, you should become convinced of the skeptic.
After a general introductory chapter with the most important information about ingredients, preparation and equipment, the detailed recipe is excellent in a whole Series of chapters divided:
- Finger food and snacks
- Salads and appetizers
- Soups
- Vegetables
- Noodles & Co.
- Potatoes
- Meat and poultry
- Fish and Seafood
- Desserts and Cakes
- Breads
- Canning

Finally, there is a 6-page register, not only for recipe titles, but above all is divided according to ingredients. The "filled puff pastry rolls" can thus be found both under B for puff pastry and under S for spinach. This simplifies the specific search for the question "What do I do with the rest of puff pastry in the fridge?" Quite uncommon.
I find the division of the chapters and the additional complex register super - so you can selectively browse without looking crazy , because the work with 480 pages is already quite extensive.
But now we come to the actual content: the recipes!
I would call myself an ambitious hobby cook. I can tease more than fix bags, but on the other hand I do not want to practice star cuisine. Of course, I enjoy a lot of unusual methods of preparation and special menus, but during the week I especially want to cook and enjoy fast and delicious after-dinner cooking. At the weekend, it may be a bit more sophisticated and time-consuming.
With a wide selection of recipes ranging from simple to slightly more complicated, the book covers the entire range that I expect from such a comprehensive work.Nevertheless, other convenience or finished products are dispensed with.
One cooks fresh and manages with small tricks such as fresh pasta from the supermarket. The recipes are very comprehensive and range from the classic home cooking over family-friendly ideas for larger quantities up to some sophisticated recipes for a nice evening for two.
Both French and Asian influences can not be denied. But it is always about fresh or frozen vegetables and if only as a side dish.
The colorful glossy photos make it immediately on the mood to cook something.
And of course I have done.
A very wonderful, already I have recently published several recipes:
Linguine with green asparagus and Parmesan sauce
Due to the limited duration of the asparagus season I had to publish this recipe in advance. And you seem to have liked it, because some people cooked it right back.
I also cooked some more recipes to put the book through its paces. Each post-cooked recipe was just a blast - the information and preparation steps are well described and easy to understand. It has always been fine and I have not had any problems with the recipes.
Of course I can not cook strictly to the recipe and always have to change or adjust something.
But of course I do not want to deprive you of the recipes and so I come here directly sometimes an ultra-sweet soup recipe.
The original is a lentil soup with prosciutto - but I have modified it vegetarian.
I also like to eat soups in the summer and this has not necessarily an autumnal or wintry touch in spite of the lenses - Thanks to the frothing and the chives, it tastes fresh and light.
More recipes from this book will follow in the near future, because I can really make an unconditional buy recommendation.
Go to the bookseller of your confidence and leaf through it - it's really worth it!

Here are the details of the book at a glance: Andreas Neubauer, Michael Wissing
The cookbook h - 400 recipes for every day *
GU topic cookbook
480 pages, with approx. 500 color photos
22 x 28 cm, linen cover
Price: 29,99 € - ISBN : 978-3-8338-2308-4
Release date: September 2011

 Recipe from "Das Kochbuch": Lentil soup with chives

Lentil soup with chives
for 3-4 servings

3 Schalottem
1 clove garlic - 1 thick carrot and 1 stick of celery - 200 g of brown plate lentils - 750 ml vegetable broth (homemade or from organic broth)
100 ml whipped cream
2 Balsco bianco

50 g of ice-cold butter in small pieces
plenty of chives on request
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
Olive oil for frying

Shallots, garlic and carrots Peel, wash celery stalk well and remove from all the ends and roots. Dice the vegetables very finely (not larger than the size of a lentil).
Heat some oil in a sufficiently large saucepan and sauté the vegetables over medium heat.
Add the lentils and sauté.
Pour the vegetable stock Bring the soup to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes at medium temperature until the lentils are tender.
Pour the soup through another not too coarse sieve into another pot.
Half of the lentils and the vegetables from the Set the strainer aside and put the rest back into the soup.Possibly. pour through a fine sieve. Keep warm, but do not cook.
Mix the remaining lentils with the Balsamico bianco and spread on deep plates or soup bowls.
Mount the pureed soup in the saucepan with the ice cold butter and spread over the lentils on the plates.

Recipe from" The cookbook ": Lentil soup with chives

Note: I bought this book myself, it acts is not a review copy.

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