Crunchy Franzbrötchen for Sunday breakfast

Hamburg is a great city.
It just has to be said. I'm a big fan of Hamburg - what could be better than strolling along the Alster and the Elbe, watching ships in the harbor, strolling through the beautiful Speicherstadt or strolling through the city center?
Last year, too times written a culinary travelogue.
End of August, it's time again - I swing into the car and drive again a few days to the north.
I'm really looking forward to it.
And of course I'm pleased One of them is the famous Hamburger Franzbrötchen - one can also get it from some bakers in Cologne, but they never taste as good as they do in Hamburg.
That's why: Do it yourself and shorten the waiting time for the next visit to Hamburg!
 Recipe for homemade, crispy French rolls - freshly served

Recipes for Franzbrötchen are a dime a dozen, but the basic framework is always a buttery yeast dough with a lot of cinnamon and sugar.
The most appealing recipe for the preparation I have found in the book home cooking * baking * by Birgit Hamm and Linn Schmidt: the butter is not simply spread on the yeast dough, instead she will like The recipe is also available online at Valentinas cookbook: Recipe from home-use cooking Baking: Franzbrötchen
I like Franzbrötchen only very fresh and crispy, that's why I think the original amount of ingredients is too much and I cut them in half.
I also do not make the pre-dough, the dough works so well and becomes wonderfully smooth and supple.
The pink shape i By the way, the same one in which I also baked the strawberry cake.
As I was asked a couple of times about it:
It is an Riess enamel mold from the Classic series - it is called a "frying pan" Roasts and baking sold. I bought them super cheap with some other parts of the series at TK Maxx in Cologne. I have already reported on it here.
Here, as promised, the recipe for the delicious Franzbrötchen:

freshly served crispy French rolls

for about 6-8 pieces

For the dough:
250 g of flour
1/2 cube of fresh yeast (21 g)
1 pinch of salt
50 g of sugar
50 g of soft butter
125 ml of hand-warm milk and some flour for the work surface

For the filling:
75 g of cold Butter, cut into thin slices
75 g of sugar and 1 tsp. Of cinnamon

Sift the flour into a mixing bowl.
Work the fresh yeast directly into the flour with your fingertips.
Add salt and sugar and mix everything.
Add the soft butter and the warm milk to the mixture and all with the kneading hook of the Han As soon as the dough no longer sticks, form a ball out of it and place it back in the bowl.
Cover the bowl with a damp dishcloth and mix the dough 30 Let it rise for 45 minutes until it has doubled in volume.
Roll out the dough on the floured work surface approximately to the size of a baking sheet.
Cover the right half of the dough evenly with the butter slices, then fold over the left half of the dough, so that the butter is covered.Do the same with the right narrow side, so that you get a three-layered dough.
Wrap this plate in cling film and place the dough in the fridge for 15 minutes to soften the softened butter.
In the Meanwhile preheat the oven to 200 ° C top and bottom heat and lay out a baking sheet with parchment paper. Thoroughly mix the sugar with the cinnamon.
Roll the dough, which has become stronger again, into baking sheet size.
Sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon mixture evenly on the dough and turn the dough from the left narrow side to a rolling pin roll up.
Now cut this dough roll into strips about 4-6 cm wide.
Place each dough piece in front of you so that the cut edges are left and right.
Now place a cooking spoon handle lengthwise on each piece of dough and push in easily. As a result, the cut edges fan out a bit. In addition, gently press the bread rolls with your hand.
Now carefully place these dough pieces on the prepared sheet and insert them in the middle of the preheated oven.
Bake the French rolls for about 15-20 minutes until golden brown and crispy.
Remove from the oven, allow to cool briefly and serve fresh and slightly warm.

 fresh, crispy French bread

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