Christmas 2011

Have you survived well all Christmas? I was worried that this year could be quite stressful, after we celebrated quite relaxed with my sister in the US last year. But was completely unfounded. It was nice, harmonious, relaxed and above all delicious! Christmas Eve, we spent quite comfortably as a couple and ate raclette. There was a delectable premium fillet of beef that just fell apart on your tongue, just great! On Christmas Day, we were spoiled by our family in the Taunus with roast pork, red cabbage and dumplings and yesterday, finally, was the relatives of my beloved guest and I have served a really delicious Christmas menu.
my Christmas menu 2011
My Problem:
In contrast to my other craziness before every meal to position my softbox and my tripod with camera would be in this case simply inappropriate had my guests wait or with a "get started, me All I have to do is take a quick photograph of my food. "
In the kitchen, it was just too messy to take pictures and I had enough stress to finish 6 plates at a time. That's why there are no pictures of me.
But you can certainly imagine what it might have looked like.
My second problem:
There is no recipes! Normally, when I'm in the kitchen trying something new, I usually take the time to write it down.
In that case, however, I had neither the time nor the leisure and I did cooked as always "aus'm wrist", here still flavored, there still spiced and already I can not get it together perfectly.
But roughly I'll give back what I've done so:
For the parsnip cream soup I have been inspired by the book Winter kitchen: Full of warmth, strength and sensuality * by Tanja Dusy.
Basically just 1 kg parsnip peeled, long quartered and cut into small slices. An onion is sautéed in a little butter, the parsnips are steamed briefly and then poured with about 1.3 - 1.5 l vegetable broth. The whole is simmered until the parsnips are soft, which takes no longer than 10 - 15 minutes.
Then 200 - 300 ml of cream are poured to the desired consistency, the whole pureed and finally the soup with nutmeg seasoned. That's it.
For the thyme croutons, simply roll the baguette, roast in a little butter, and season with thyme leaves.
Go to the Duck leg with red cabbage Tim Malzer inspired me - I thought it was great to cook the duck on the grill in the oven and put the red cabbage in the roasting pan underneath, so that the fat from the meatballs can drip into it. The red cabbage gets a great flavor, nicely shiny and does not overcook, but retains a pleasant bite without being too hard.
I have the duck, however, with a mixture of honey, olive oil, water, paprika , Salt and some gingerbread spice rubbed.
The 2kg chunk of red cabbage I have planed and kneaded with salt and sugar. Sauté 5 onions in a little butter in a large roasting pan, add the red cabbage, add 4 bay leaves and steam until the red cabbage slightly collapses.Then cool the whole thing a little and let it pass through. Remove the ginger, vanilla pod, cinnamon stick and clove, bring the syrup to a boil again and boil the whole with duck or poultry stock. Add the juice of half an orange and let it boil down a bit. Either reduce it further or mount it with some cold butter or set flour butter.
Take the red cabbage out of the oven and season with salt, raspberry vinegar and redcurrant jelly and finely grate and fold in a peeled Boskoop apple.
There were simple potato dumplings.
For the baked tiramisu , I ground the spice speculoos in a mortar, put them in small jars, squeezed a little and sprinkled them with some naturally cloudy apple juice. have peeled and finely diced 3 Boskoop apples and put them together with some cinnamon powder and 2 vanilla sticks in a coated casserole dish. Sprinkle with about 3 tablespoons of sugar, sprinkle with some apple juice and cook in the oven until it is caramelized and soft, but still lumpy. Possibly. Pour some apple juice over it so that it gets a jelly-like consistency.
Add the compote to the speculum layer while still warm and then let it cool completely.
250 g mascarpone with about 5 tablespoons powdered creamy cream hit. Stir in about 100 ml of creamful spoonfuls of spoonfuls, continue to mix until you get a thick cream.
Pour into a pastry bag and fill up the jars with the cream.
Put in cold overnight Serve with either cinnamon powder or roasted chopped almonds.
For the cinnamon parfait , bring 200 ml of milk to a boil with 1 tsp cinnamon powder and 1 divided vanilla pod and remove from the heat. Let it rest for about 15 minutes.
In the meantime, whip 4 fresh organic egg yolks together with 120 g of the finest sugar in a thick foam and white cream.
Bring the milk to a boil again, remove the vanilla pod and set the temperature to very low heat. Tablespoonful, stir the custard into the milk and mix well. Heat the mixture at low temperature with constant stirring with a spatula until the cream thickens, but never cook it, otherwise the yolk will clot.
Allow the cream to cool completely.
Beat 400 ml of cream until stiff and gradually bring it under the cooled cream.
Place an icebox or plastic can of approx. 900 ml with cling film and pour in the mixture.
Freeze overnight.
Allow to thaw for about 5 minutes before serving, lift the block of ice out of the can with the foil and slice with a knife dipped in hot water.
Since I still had the 4 egg whites from the parfait and did not want to throw them away, I quickly baked Stephs Bisous au chocolat and later served them for coffee.
All in all, a really successful menu, that too Well arrived.
I will determine one or the other I'll do that again and then I'll hand over the pictures as well.
For example, I've frozen some red cabbage and the parsnip soup will be back soon.
I hope you had also happy holidays!
I'm working normally now, I do not have any holiday anymore and New Year's Eve will only be raclette with me in a small circle.
That's why it works here Continue as usual tomorrow.

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