Annual review 2011

At the end of the year you are always kind of contemplative.
Or you summarize the past year statistically and look at what comes out in total.
I just do both, because this year is my first blogger year - I'm almost a chick among the food bloggers.

Above you can see a summary of the most common words in my blog. Phew, after all, despite the many filler words, it recognizes that it has to be a food blog.

And I'll start with something really great right now, because even though the year as a whole was rather bumpy and I've never heard of anyone say that 2011 was THE year in the straight, 2011 was literally a winning year for me:
We went to Charlotte's Diner in August, where I got a voucher for an online Spice shop won.
At Alice in the Culinary Wonderland, I won the main prize, a stick blender from Braun, in November at her event to save her birthday party.
Then it went on to Steph On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the Small Curio Shop, they raffled off small care packages with homemade delicacies.
Next, a letter from Gruner + Jahr fluttered into my house telling me that I'm getting an annual subscription to the Jamie at the eat & style raffle Magazine.
And today, just in time for the end of the year, the coronation: I won the airberlin Christmas competition and get a coupon for 2 flights to the US.
I was then playing lotto directly ... That's what I call lucky streak !
Let's go back to the blog and what happened.
On Monday, January 10, 2011, I set up my blog and created my first postings.
At first, I thought my blog was going to be a pure cupcake, USA food or back blog, but I quickly realized that it was not enough for me and that I was a bit of everything
Now I'm standing here, barely a year later, and can proudly look back on what started off so small.
At first I had a handful of users and comments for a long time it did not exist at all.
Still, I kept going, improving my photos, expanding my dishes, and always I've shown more of what's going on in my kitchen.
Sure, there were breaks like vacations or illnesses, but so far I've come back again and again.
To this day, I have 133 blog entries , this is on average at least every 2.7 days a new one this year. Of course that can be increased and I hope that there will be more in the coming year.
Let's go deeper into the Statics :
I had In the first few months, perhaps with the luck of the 100 page views per day, I had an average of 780 views per day in the past month, with an upward trend.
Since November, I am quite clearly at the height of my previous activities and visitors - in Augsut it started quite well, but then got a damper when I was almost a month without internet due to my move in October.
But you are Fortunately, loyal readers and always come back.
By far the most popular recipe for me with 1,667 page views is the apple tart with mascarpone cream and almonds, closely followed by the French apple pie with 1,649 views , Note to me: Doing more with apples next year seems to be going well.
My Tiramisu cupcakes are finally number 3 with 1,509 views.
I'm pleased about 123 Google and 74 Facebook readers and anyone else who regularly checks in with no specific software.
Favorite recipes naming is difficult for me.A simple but incredibly tasty crunchy cereal!
In February, the American white bread was one of my highlights - quick and easy, fresh and toasted always delicious. Who needs poppy toast ?!
In March, I really enjoyed my lemon cupcakes with lemon curd filling and creamcheese frosting.
April is my first time Macarons baked after I was in London for professional food and brought some books. My highlight was my wild garlic risotto. I'm looking forward to the next wild garlic season!
In May there were many delicious things, but I like my ravioli with dried tomatoes, serrano ham and buffalo mozzarella and a classic, my chili con carne.
I had a wonderful short break in Barcelona, ​​where I was really spoiled with culinary delights.
There were also many great things in June, but I was especially proud of my first Frankfurt wreath, I baked my father's birthday. The rack of lamb with potato cubes and Mediterranean vegetables was otherwise a real culinary highlight.
My July highlight was definitely our Sunday breakfast deluxe ricotta pancakes with caramelized peaches and semifreddo of white chocolate. I also liked my chard quiche with feta quite well. This year, I discovered the chard as my favorite vegetable.
In August, I liked the birthday cake for my colleague especially well: marzipan cake with vanilla plums and crème fraîche. I also liked the nectarine with vanilla cream.
In September, the mangold convinced me again, especially the really fast and uncomplicated, but sooo delicious chard with garlic yoghurt.
In addition I had a wonderful holiday in the north of Mallorca, ate delicious every day and unfortunately, because of my shortly following move never came to write a culinary travelogue about it.
In October I was unfortunately completely without internet, was but not completely inactive and have discovered the fondant au chocolat for me.
November was my most busy month so far and I liked the mini quiches with feta and tomatoes and the best here on the blog, the Apple tart with mascarpone cream and almonds.
My December highlight is absolutely my last pasta recipe: fresh pappardelle with almond nut pesto and crispy parma ham.
Overall I had Culinary a very outstanding year, was in London, Cologne, Barcelona and Majorca eat in top restaurants and have also conjured up delicious things in my own kitchen.
To finish the novel, I'm still on for myself very important topic to talk about: COOKBOOKS .
I love cookbooks. I collect them and read them passionately. I buy on average about 2-3 new cookbooks a month and devour them like novels.Mediterranean-oriental-refined *, Greece in my kitchen: recipes that taste like the sun *, Mexican cooking quite simply *, refined tartes. Sweet and spicy * and lust for cooking: Tartes & Pies *. I really like the DK style with some thicker, matte paper and the typical English style. And if I look into the new releases for the next year, I will certainly diligently continue to buy DK books ...
My favorite author is Tanja Dusy, who works as an editor for Gräfe and Unzer works.
It started with the summer kitchen: full of sun and aroma *, from which I cooked a lot. A really great book and certainly one of my favorite books this year. It continued with France: A kitchen to fall in love with *, also one of my favorite books. The book is so lovingly and authentically made, my favorite book on French cuisine! Now, just in time for winter came the winter kitchen: full of warmth, strength and sensuality * to it. Regional and seasonal dishes, classic and old vegetables rediscovered. Also, this book is again so beautifully designed and contains such great recipes that it is one of my favorite books.
On my wish list are therefore still the soups * book of her and the new vegetarian cooking */div>
In the coming year, that's why one or the other new cookbook will land on my shelf.
In addition, I've decided to write reviews more often, to cook dishes from cookbooks and to report about them , This has gone down a bit in the past, but a strong New Year resolution.

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