Sous-vide cooking class with Hubertus Tzschirner

Last Saturday, I reveled in some foodie heaven with some other cooking enthusiasts: we had booked a small, private cooking class with Hubertus Tzschirner.

As of course I've heard that dear Tina from the Blog Foodina has been in possession of a thermalizer for some time and also has the sous-vide cookbook by Hubertus, so I asked her if she would like to participate too. And she wanted!
Hubertus is namely the author of this wonderful sous-vide book * from the torchbearer Publisher:
I first met Hubertus at the Frankfurt Book Fair last October and have been able to enjoy his delicious dishes a few times since then.
And even if I myself for reasons of cost and space So far, I do not think I have a chamber vacuum or a thermalizer, so I like the idea of ​​sous-vide cooking.
That's why I was so happy when we got an appointment and together last Saturday cooking with Hubertus.
And what he's doing for us itet had! Altogether 8 gears were planned - after the fourth I was so full. The whole event started at 1 pm and ended at 10 pm. And we were actually eating all the time.Sounds complicated, looks crazy and tastes bombastic!
Also, the cucumber undergoes a change in color during vacuuming and by marinating in a vacuum, it is almost transparent, so that every fiber is visible.
The salmon was just perfect - never before have I been able to taste such deliciously cooked salmon. Suddenly a whole new dimension gets to the point ...
The salmon can be found in the book on page 137, the dill pickle on pages 151 and 223.

The next course was one Duck breast , which was cooked for 35 minutes at 62 ° C.
Then the duck with the skin side down was sautéed crispy in the pan.
Recognition of the day number 2: Not cumbersome the Salt a Throw the duck and distribute it in half the kitchen - add salt to the pan and put the duck on top - awesome!
Served all this with vineyard peaches, pepper cherry sauce and caramelised cashews .
too here again: Wow! The tenderest and juiciest duck in my life, just delicious.

The recipe for the Superente is in the book on page 114.
After poultry is well known fish and so had next to a fish dish ago - this was also the famous onsen egg used. There was cod with onsen egg, white asparagus and Tatsoi with Herb Sausages .

Hubertus uses a huge range of edible flowers, Wildfruit and Micro Leafs, which he sources from Keltenhof.
The new discovery number 3 was therefore made up of "Tatsoi", "Micro Red Amaranth" and "Red Oxalis", just to give a few examples from the myriad of me so far completely to name unknown plants. The whole thing is super exciting!
The preparation of the onsen ice cream is extensively discussed in the basic chapter of the book.
The recipe for asparagus (25 minutes at 85 ° C) is in the book on page 139.
After the fish, of course, meat comes again and just fish again, we do not let it ruffle. So the next course was crispy grilled pork belly , which had been at 65 ° for 24 hours C was cooked. It was served on vinegar and vanilla marinated apple cubes .Basically, I was already pretty satiated, because everything was so delicious and I had always eaten good.

But I did not know anything about the still following pork neck, beef steak, the shrimp and the vegetables, that still should follow ...
Thus, the following two courses were simply converted into a freestyle buffet that everyone could use:

The grill was still hot from the pork belly anyway, so pork neck, rib eye steak and corn on the cob were released from their water and gargled well with the shrimp on the hot grill. p>

There was a kind of Japanese sweet potato called Kotobuki (Thanks, Tina!), The taste and consistency of parsnip reminded.
As a cool-sharp contrast Hubertus served us a gazpacho ice cream from the Pacojet.
The rib-eye recipe is on page 63 in the book
And then we almost did it already.
But what would such a menu without a dignified dessert culminate?!
And so there was a delicious pineapple that was marinated with cinnamon blossom and vanilla and then allowed to swim in a water bath.
It was served with coconut ice cream from the Pacojet, Greek yogurt, caramelized cashews and tarragon sauce.
That was really a perfect ending!

The recipe for the pineapple is in the book on pages 133 and 193.

As a small gimmick there were then still fresh strawberries dipped in marshmallow fluff and flamed with the burner. div>

For such a grandiose and extensive menu you also need something to drink.
We had the big one Luckily, Christina Fischer of "The PLEASURE WORKSHOP" - a distinguished sommelier and book author of wine and food - passion with system *, also published by Fackelträger Verlag - was part of our illustrious round:
She had no menu to know beforehand just a selection of a few fine drops brought. I've had the pleasure of drinking some of her selected wines a few times, and once again, the wines have been great and, above all, they worked well with the individual courses!

What a great day!
Many thanks to Hubertus again for his great preparation and patience.
Some of our group were no strangers to him and so we had a lot of fun and a wonderful day together.
Thank you also to our charming host, who has made his kitchen so selflessly available! Sitting in your great garden has the same effect as going on vacation!
Sous-vide is a really practical and versatile way of cooking.It is a personal recommendation. Further information on the affiliate program can be found in the Impresssum.