Post from my kitchen: Very Berry!

This week the time has come: Hundreds of packs of chefs and backwaters are sent across Germany and Europe. The content: Everything that has to do with berries.
The occasion is the second action of the post office from my kitchen girls.
After the chocolate in April, now the berry is in the foreground and the appropriate motto is : Very Berry !
The first time I was unfortunately unable to attend because of time constraints, but this time I was there.
I was given a very nice exchange partner, with whom I get a little bit in advance about preferences and tastes.
And then it started: hours of cookbooks, browse the Internet, look for tips and ideas. Unfortunately, then some plans were about the Pile thrown because there was simply no fresh home-made redcurrant and blackberry (now, a few days later, of course, they were on my small fruit and vegetable stand ...).
Nevertheless, I was overwhelmed with ideas just not decided and therefore have a total of 6 ve battled together various little things. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and cranberries play the lead role here.

So here it is, the mail from my kitchen, which luckily arrived well on Wednesday at my dear exchange partner, although the post office is my package I spent 26 hours in Cologne ...
I made and made for hours, boiled and baked, folded and glued, written and taped, packed and unpacked and was then finally quite satisfied with my work Card with a personal greeting to my exchange partner (and the delightful "Post from my kitchen" logo), I have added an envelope in which I have collected the recipes for the individual treats. For this I used the beautiful template, which you can download just like the logo at post from my kitchen. It started with my absolute favorite jam: strawberry-vanilla . You only need a few ingredients, but it just tastes fantastic.
I've already boiled and stored a whole supply of my current favorite strawberry Lambada and a bunch of bourbon vanilla bars.

Jam was not the only thing I made from strawberries.
After I bought freeze-dried strawberries in Hamburg (for which I still have not opened a source in Cologne ...) , that was finally the opportunity to make delicious strawberry crispy chocolate .
I chose a combination of white chocolate with strawberry chips and rice crispies.
I was pretty excited about my first chocolate try and finally able to dedicate my little chocolate forms.