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Roberto C.

I live in Daly City and we decided to have tortas for dinner with family and a friend, my friend was his first time and he had some dudes about to come all the way to here just for a torta.Now that he tried it. He's happy and full. He said that is unfortunate that we don't have a Mexico Bakery in S.F. because they are the best.Till next time. Ahh and the sweet bread is also very good. Not a big fan but something you can try.


Mariela F.

I never write about places, but this time there's a need... to start with the service very badly, the bread is good, but the cakes are not, or the smoothies...This place is not hygiene, super dirty, no clean tables, smell like bath, the bathroom is super dirty and floors! Very bad experience. I thought it would be a good place after I was guided by the reviews, but it was a wrong decision.I'm not coming back!Nunca escribo sobre lugares, pero esta vez hay necesidad de empezar con el servicio muy mal, el pan es bueno, pero las tortas no , o los batidos...Este lugar carece de higiene, súper sucio, mesas sucias, huele a baño, el baño esta súper sucio y pisos! Muy mala experiencia. Pensé que sería un buen lugar después de que me guiara por los reviews, pero fue una decisión equivocada.¡no voy a volver más!


Celene D.

The tortas are amazing and tasty. I've had the cubana (chorizo n eggs, hotdog, ham) and the milaneza (breaded beef) they are huge I usually save half for lunch the next day. The bakery selection is huge and the pastries and breads are big in size. Some of the sweet breads I've had are dry.  I usually Get this poundcake type topped with pineapple filling it's a huge piece for .85. One busy night while waiting in a line we were offered  free samples of fresh baked sweet breads and that was so good! Only complaint the dining area is always messy. Tables aren't cleaned. The floor is dirty with food and whatever else. I don't feel easy eating there but I still do. Also, the ladies at the register aren't the friendliest or even crack a smile. Luckily the tortas are bomb and I keep coming back.


Maria D.

I am a Fan!!  their Pan Dulce and cakes are awesome.. ChocoFlan the best.. but the tortas!! OMG Amazing.. I wish they could open a location in Sta Clara ASAP!!


Peggy L.

This is the best torta I have ever tasted.  When my husband first told me about this place, I was unsure, but now if I ever want a torta, we don't go anywhere else.  My husband really likes their banana shake, but I find it a bit too sweet.  I always order my carne asada torta with no crema and extra jalapeños.  There were a couple times where we waited over 30 minutes in line, but you honestly don't mind too much.  When the owner is there, he generously offers free pan/bread to those waiting.  When I say free bread, it's the entire pastry and not small pieces or anything.  If you ever crave for mexican bread or a torta, you just cannot go wrong coming here.  We have brought many friends who have loved it and continue coming back without us.


Allan K.

Came here to meet with a friend that I haven't seen in a while. Wow, I'm coming back here again. Who in the world would think that a Mexican sandwich shop would be this great? I'd go for me Ian foods but sandwiches? Great place. Some shady people like some woman that came up to me twice to ask for money. That was frustrating, I ended up asking her for money. She wouldn't give, what gives? We seem to be living in a take and take world versus a give and take world. Maybe I should do the same.


Laurita M.

Like c'mon this tortas are bomb!!! So like huge! I always share half with someone because they are not stingy! Delicious


Kara M.

Didn't know what a torta was until my brother came home with carne asada tortas from here. It was HUGE and filled with meat, in between two pieces of toasted buns, with avocado, cheese, tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce. Simple, yet delicious. I initially thought he and I were gonna share one... NO. I was wrong. I could only finish half! Thank goodness they're pre-cut in half!! The other half made the perfect post-workout meal though. Definitely my go-to for tortas, these reviews don't lie!


Manuel L.

The tortas are huge and made however you wish! Long lines but well worth the wait. (Line might be long but goes quick).


Jen H.

Best Torta in the bay area!! Great portion for the price!!! They load up on the meat and all the toppings! Especially the avocado!! Yum!! Overall, the torta can get tiring to eat because it is somewhat dry and very messy to eat, but the sandwich itself is very filling. There is also a huge selection of pastries. Everything is delicious and worth the drive!


Evee N.

OMG tortas so bomb!I had the combo with Carne Asada and Milanesa. It's so big and tasty, lasts you 2 full meals forreal. I ate half of one in a drunken stupor, then the other half the morning after. It was just as delicious the morning after, and I loved all the components in it. It had both meats, guac, mayo, onions, cheese, jalepenos. So full of flavor! Side note, they have all the Mexican baked goodies too! I used to live by a bakery but haven't had any of them in years. The conchas were soft, not dry at all. Would love to come back to eat more of their baked goods and try another torta


Anna D.

Tortas weren't to good and the wait for my order was so long! Came here based on the reviews and pictures but obviously no ones tried authentic tortas. Three stars because the tortas were HUGE.


Ahmad J.

Mexico Bakery popped up as the first result when searching for Mexican Bakeries in San Jose on Yelp. I decided to give it a try as it had a near perfect rating from almost 900 reviews. It is located in the eastern edge of the city so its not in the best part of town, but the location is not as sketchy as some of the other areas on the east side. There is a small parking lot in the front so parking is not an issue. At the peak lunch hour on a Saturday the place seemed pretty full with a line 5 people deep in front of the ordering station which is too your left when you enter. The baked goods and cakes are in the long display to your right. I did not see any anyone behind these displays so I skipped these items and got in line. I decided to get the Torta Milanesa (.50) which is fried breaded beef steak, to-go with everything. The lady behind the cash register spoke decent English so I did not face any issues during ordering. After ordering I had to wait for around 15 minutes before I got my order. Here you get an order number but unfortunately the numbers are called out in Spanish so like me if you can't speak Spanish it is a bit of a hassle. The good news is that orders are processed in order that they are received so if you track the person in front of you, you would know when you are up. It would be a lot easier if they simply called out numbers in Spanish and English, but that is too much to ask here.I got a huge and I mean huge torta which had almost 3 layers of milanesa. This had to be the largest torta that I'd had in my life. The one word to describe it would be terrific. The only negative that I can think of is that it was a little heavy on the salt and it had a little too much Avocado for my taste so next time I'll skip the Avocado. Price wise it was slightly more than what you would pay for a burger in Five Guys so I'd say that it was in line with what you would pay for a comparable item in the area. Looking at the overall package or service, quality and value for money, Mexico Bakery definitely has me down as a fan. Hopefully I will figure out how to order the baked goods and try some of those and update my review at that time.


Anna C.

Pro: Enormous selection of fresh baked pastries, delicious gigantic tortas, desserts and drinks galore; reasonably priced; clean Con: enormous selection?!?Started work near by so naturally yelped an eatery to pickup some lunch. Over 900 reviews + 4 and 1/2 stars? I was sold!   Intended to just pick up yelper's fav combo torta to-go (I did!) but was warmly greeted  by a lady who came out from behind the counter to assist me. When I told her it was my first time visiting, she kindly introduced me to the array of goodies.  Picked up a box of pastries to share (fav, Palmier), jello dessert, and coffee.  Will definitely be coming at least once a week!


David A.

One of the best places to get a Torta! They have the best breads available all day and it smells delicious from the moment you park I ordered the Cuban and Milanesa ones and my goodness they were so huge!


Liz C.

If you've never had a torta before, Mexico Bakery is definitely the place to try it out!The place is located in a little plaza which has it's own parking lot, although there aren't too many spots. It seemed to be pretty empty when I came here with a girl friend.I didn't see their torta menu on the board anywhere, but if you tell them you want a torta, they'll show you what kinds they have. While my girl friend settled for carne asada, I decided that I would try the milanese. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but it looks like a meat mixture that has been deep fried.It's less than for a GIANT torta. I only finished half and I think I felt pretty sick after that half. These are very shareable, which makes the price of them that much better (or bring it home!). The best thing is that they really don't skimp out on ingredients. The tortas were exploding with slices of avocado (doesn't it suck when there is an additional charge for these things and you get such a small amount; not to worry about that here + no extra charge!). Jalepenos add a great kick, and the whole thing is pretty much just falling apart as you're eating it. It is yummy and there is a lot of flavor going on. With that said, the milanese was pretty oily and causing the bun to fall apart too. (Speaking of bun, nicely toasted!). I wasn't a fan of all the grease, but then again, it's a torta and it's huge, what else can you expect?The baked goods are also to die for. The doughnuts are extremely fluffy and the cookies are also a homemade treat. They're super affordable too! I got an assortment of several cookies and doughnuts for less than . What!? The staff here are super nice; it's such a nice family business. Definitely would recommend!


Albert M.

Slow ass people there is at least 7 people in line and only 2 people working if you stop at least spare 40 minutes


Eliad G.

A friend who grew up in the area recommended that I try out the tortas they make. I was in the neighborhood and had the time and appetite so finally went in. The reviews on yelp looked solid and the Torta Milanese got raving reviews so I went with the wisdom of the crowd and wasn't disappointed. Wow, this might be the best torta I've ever had!!! The staff was friendly and accommodating. They assume you speak Spanish, but as soon as they realize that you don't someone is there to help in English (either a staff member or another customer) I will certainly come back to sample some of their other menu items.


Evelyn R.

I came to get a torta and also got some bread, 1 piece of bread to eat while waiting. It's probably because it was 9:38pm but the bread was stale and super dry. I took a bite and told the lady to throw the rest was pretty bad, super dry and just should not be sold. Hopefully my torta tastes good.


Narendra U.

I order Tres Leches cake for my Wife's birthday and they made it very nice.It tastes relevant good and my wife liked it alot.

Mexico Bakery Reviews